Jiants - Paralyze - 2016


Summer with a dash of bummer. Official music video for Toronto indie three piece Jiants.

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Paste Magazine




A fictional documentary about Donny Burston, a man who makes eggnog 365 days a year. But unfortunately for reasons beyond his control, people only drink it for 2 months of the year. Noggers takes you deep inside the carton for a personal look at the men behind everyone’s favorite holiday beverage and what makes them crack.

Featured as short of the day on filmshortage.com and certifiably 'Funny' by funnyordie.com

A-OK - 2013


As a new arrival on the increasingly saturated Toronto ramen scene, A-OK wanted to carve an identity as both a Japanese snack bar and a place for a hearty bowl of noodles. I decided to subject their formula to a critic born from their east meets west philosophy, the tokyo drifter, in this promo.





Muttonhead Fall/Winter - 2012


The woods have forever been a character as well as a place. What lies beyond the tree's has always enchanted our curiosity, and in many folk tales, served as a dire warning for anyone wandering in the woods alone. Muttonhead's fall/winter collection of field jackets, camping crew-necks, and hunting dress shirts inspired me to go back into the forest to discover these 'must have' items, but no longer as the child frightened by fairy tales. Turns out you should listen to grandma.